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Message from the Chairman and President

the Chairman and President

Start of the New Management Vision “CRESCO Group Ambition 2030”

Creating and transcending the future humanity envision

We established “The CRESCO Charter,” which includes the principles of people-centered and merit -based as our corporate philosophy, and in order to steadily achieve “growth,” from which our company name is derived, we are making contributions in a wide range of fields, such as research and development of cutting-edge technologies and development of our own products and services, based on our technological capabilities in system development we have accumulated since our founding.

In our five-year vision “CRESCO Ambition 2020” from 2016 to 2020, CRESCO actively acquired new digital technologies centered on artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud, and supported the digital transformation of our customers, aiming to be “a Group leading digital transformation (DX).” Recently, in addition to the rapid advances being made in IT technologies, due to increasing needs in response to the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the speeding up of system development and changes in IT investment trends (the shift from a consigned development model to a service-provision model) have also been accelerating. The stance of our customers, be they large or small, has been making a significant shift toward “digital transformation (DX)” to realize innovations through the creation of new business value and increased competitiveness.

In this age where the value of a company is determined by whether it can “quickly and accurately achieve innovations that are ahead of their time,” in order to make a true contribution to the “digital transformation (DX)” of our customers, we recognize that we ourselves must improve our abilities to provide more advanced services in a timely manner.

While contributing to society through IT services, which are a core business, and digital solutions that provide new value, by proactively working to create value, the CRESCO Group is taking on the challenge to achieve “net sales of 1,000 billion yen in 2030” and is striving to become a leading company in the industry, both in name and reality.

A “Feeling of Excitement” That Creates a New Future Beyond Imagination

The CRESCO Group wants to create a richer, more exciting future of “beyond” that exceeds the imagination of people around the world. We firmly believe that the “feeling of excitement” is the source for creating innovations. In order to achieve this “exciting future,” we are pursuing “the best technologies and bonds” and are carrying out our business activities.

[Our Promise to You]
■ Each one of us holds a high perspective, and we will continue with sincerity and persistence to take on the challenge of providing the best IT technologies.
■ Each one of us thinks freely, and we will have lively discussions aiming for an “exciting future” that will be “interesting.”

We will demonstrate our abilities to the fullest, work with joy and cooperate with all of our stakeholders, including our customers, and through our own growth, we will contribute to the growth of our customers and society.
We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Apr 1, 2021
Hiroyuki Nemoto, President