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Message from the Chairman and President

Taking Pride as a Corporate Group Leading the Digital Transformation

The digital transformation can be defined as "the process of making use of IT and creating new value to cause positive changes in various aspects of people's lives". Recently, together with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), wearable technologies and Virtual Reality (VR), the needs related to the so-called third platform (technologies related to cloud services, mobility, big data, and social technologies) have grown rapidly. On the other hand, as the trend of IT investment changes from a consigned- development model toward a service-provision model, the stance of our customers, be they large or small, is making a significant shift toward "aggressive management strategies utilizing IT" to realize innovations through the creation of new business value and increased competitiveness. Now is the time that companies need to be asking: "How can we swiftly and accurately move forward with transformation?" In other words, so that they can truly realize "aggressive management strategies utilizing IT", companies need to swiftly respond to the digital transformation by further linking their core businesses and daily operations with IT.

In order to satisfy the needs of our customers wishing for such innovation, we are just entering the fourth year of "CRESCO Ambition 2020", a new five-year vision we commenced in fiscal 2016.


Lead the Digital Transformation

Striving united as one corporate group, we are continually strengthening our development system while staying at the forefront of today's trends so that we are always able to exceed our customers' expectations through providing high quality and high value added services as a "Reliable Partner for the Digital Transformation". Furthermore, by taking the challenge and creating new business, investing for the future, and promoting a revolution of our working lifestyles, we aim to build a platform for supporting business activities while realizing sustained growth.

Our Motivational Spirit-Creating a Bright Future for CRESCO

Visions and ideals should help employees realize their dreams as well as achieve company goals. CRESCO's employees are always aware of "why companies exist", and act accordingly. In CRESCO's culture, once we decide to do something, we join together and do our utmost to achieve it. We are motivated by sight of people working with gusto, the open and cheerful atmosphere of our company and, most of all, by being with positive thinking employees. Such motivational spirit provides CRESCO with tremendous vitality.

An IT company is a business that creates the future. CRESCO's mission is to be in tune with today's society, observe our customers' true needs, and offer services based on our insight. Throughout the CRESCO Group, we are hard at work on our own innovation and our sights are on the next stage. Our greatest pleasure will be when CRESCO's business activities contribute broadly to society and make the future of our customers and employees brighter.

All of us in the CRESCO Group will continue to grow as we earn trust from our customers by placing high standards on technology and quality in the spirit of "craftsmanship".

April 1, 2019
Toshio Iwasaki, Chairman & CEO
Hiroyuki Nemoto, President