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Our Business

Pride in Technology as Craftsmanship

Over the years, Cresco has been involved in various businesses structured around the core technologies that comprise the skill of our craft. These technologies span the three technological fields of application development, IT infrastructure system architecture, and embedded systems.

Over the course of four decades from the time of our founding in 1988 and even before that time, we have accumulated technologies unrivaled by our competitors. Our particular strength is in the technologies of IT infrastructure system architecture and embedded systems, which support the basic components of IT.

In the spirit of "craftsmanship,"
we continually earn trust from our clients by placing high standards on the quality of our finished product and operating centering our business centering focus on a bottom-up approach this craft.

Businesses by Core Technologies

We see ourselves as "a business that jointly considers issues with the client about what they want, shares in the issues to be overcome, and then creates IT." As such a company, we offer various services related to the design, development, deployment and maintenance of IT business systems (applications)

The IT Infrastructure Architecture business utilizes "joining" and "sharing" technologies and works together with the Business Applications business to offer services related to the construction, implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructural systems that support the fundamental workings of a company.

The Embedded Systems business offers a range of engineering services including electronic equipment installed in vehicles, networked home electronics appliances, communication equipment terminals and electronic equipment for the manufacturing industry.

In the Services Business, we integrate our three core technologies and provide services that combine our proven in-house-developed solutions with other packages and solutions.