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Application Development and IT Infrastructure Architecture

[Our Concept]
As an IT business partner contributing to the business success of client companies

Although companies believe IT investment is important for raising market competitiveness and ensuring the stability and continuity of a business, often the effect of that investment is below expectations or the IT investment is not aligned with their management strategies.
The reason for this is that either the schemes extending to the system architecture's implementation are experiencing system fatigue, or the off-shore development and cloud computing that have been initiated to realize low cost operation amid the recent severe business climate are creating new problems once they have been put into operation.
As a result, a best-possible solution that balances the implementation method and the budget is not realized, and ultimately, the client is left unsatisfied with the results of the new IT system.

At Cresco, we believe that the role of an IT specialist is not simply "a business that realizes what the client requests," but rather, "a business that jointly considers issues with the client about what they want, shares in the issues to be overcome, and then creates IT based on this approach." We wish to be the client's IT business partner that can contribute to the client's successful management through both proposing and implementing IT strategies.

[Our Strong Point]
Our begin-from-zero approach guarantees the best solution

Our clients often approach us with the expectation of using existing packages and tools in order to lower development costs and fast-track the development schedule. However, as Japanese companies have had a history of constructing complexly detailed systems, they feel that their own company's operations appear incompatible with the pre-established flow and rules of packaged software. Furthermore, when introducing packages based on utilization of pre-existing systems, unless the pre-existing system and the package are properly interconnected when implemented, the resulting system can be very user unfriendly and productivity can suffer. Actually, there are very few cases where a problem-free system is introduced according to budget in these cases.

As Cresco possesses the technological knowhow to create seamless connectivity between software applications and the IT infrastructure, we can assist companies in introducing packages and tools with strong cost merits. Moreover, if our clients wish to integrate newly developed applications with other applications and existing infrastructural systems, or if they wish to convert pre-existing programs and data assets to new systems, then we can offer Cresco's "joining" and "sharing" technologies, which are comprised of our data integration, business application integration, conversion technologies and others.
Cresco possesses the technologies and knowhow to build systems based on a complete understanding of our client's existing processes, including applications and the accompanying infrastructural middleware, operating systems and databases. By using our technical knowhow, analytic capability, and quality management skill to handcraft the necessary system entirely from zero, we are able to propose the best IT solution.

Profit-enhancing IT solutions that offer more than cost reductions

On many occasions, Cresco has successfully helped its clients to expand their profits by introducing IT that strengthened the links between the client company and its end-users and provided processes that assisted management decisions by the client company.
For example, to enliven communication with club members for a client who was a membership-based club, a system was developed in a short timeframe that displays checked-in member information on the instructors' mobile terminals. As a result, it was possible to increase the number of members.
Cresco is able to offer various ideas and technological resources that can solve the management challenges of clients through the utilization of IT. By utilizing a wealth of past experience in projects related to finance, distribution and the services industries, Cresco can offer solutions suitable for any industry or sector.

[Our View]
Aiming for superior technology and high quality

Traditionally, the IT sector has been described as being shaped like a pyramid. Cresco aims to change the structure of the industry by being "a business that jointly considers issues with the client about what they want, shares in the issues to be overcome, and then creates IT based on this approach."
A horizontal specialization is developing in our industry sector whereby companies possessing system implementation technology such as Cresco become the starting point for projects for introducing systems based on a shared vision with the client company, and large vendors, who traditionally were commissioned by clients for projects and took charge of the implementation team, take on the role of supplying the hardware, packages and tools.
The merit of this for the client companies is that it is now possible to select the optimum hardware for their needs and to select the optimum software and hardware individually.

"End-user Focus" has become a catch cry at Cresco. We hope to become an adviser to all users. As an independent IT solution partner, we aim to build a partnership of trust with the client and provide superior technology and higher quality.