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Embedded Systems

[Our Field]
Supporting enjoyment through every-day electronic products

The embedded software that our Company develops is used in every-day electronic products. For example, Cresco's software embedded in electronic equipment installed in vehicles (car audio/car multimedia) provides entertainment for car drivers. Moreover, Cresco's middleware embedded in mobile phones offers users convenient functions and various ways to enjoy themselves.

Cresco's Embedded Systems business strives to improve product functions, broaden functionality, realize more energy efficient operation to help improve market competitiveness for client products.

[Our Strong Point]
Offering a "quality" service

"Quality" is one performance indicator that not only applies to software and hardware but also to practical performance. From the consideration that such equipment must withstand demanding operating conditions and guarantee safety, electronic equipment installed in vehicles demands a level of quality comparable to the aerospace industry. Cresco builds on its development track record, working cooperatively with the vehicle electronic device manufacturers, and constructs its own quality management systems. In 2005, we received accreditation for CMMR Level 3 criteria for assessing organizational maturity in software development, and in 2007, we obtained ISO 9001 certification. Cresco continually carries out activities to prevent faults, improve quality and improve development processes.

Recently, Cresco has been assisting in the improvement of quality at client companies by cooperating with appointed quality officers of the client. The focus of such efforts is to use existing knowhow to improve quality control activities in the three main areas of "project quality," "product quality," and "documentation quality."

Realizing optimum performance through knowhow and technology

The trust that Cresco's Embedded Systems business has earned from its clients is not only related to "quality." We have technologies that improve performance such as processing speed, clearing demanding specifications even with a limited program size and an unsatisfactory CPU environment. Those technologies are based on our knowhow related to operating systems and device drivers that we have acquired from an extensive development track record spanning many years.
Cresco often takes on more than the role of developing embedded software. When specifications are not established, we also assist our clients from the planning stage and offer our services as a comprehensive development project that includes the entire system.

Commencing last year, Cresco has also entered the field of application development for smartphones. Already in this field, we have developed convenient functions for when driving cars by interconnecting smartphones with automobiles and by interconnecting smart devices with servers, we have also developed face-to-face customer management and real-time delivery management services. We are receiving many inquiries from the services sector and others including the insurance, finance and distribution sectors.

[Our New Focus]
Working with our clients to improve function safety

Guaranteeing safety in traveling vehicles by preventing faults from occurring in electronic equipment installed on vehicles is a requirement other than "quality." We have begun to introduce "function safety" which involves the implementation of functions that reduce risks for occasions when unexpected faults or malfunctions occur, and we are required to apply "ISO 26262," which is the function safety plan for automotive sector for development and design worksites.
In addition to providing high quality embedded technology targeting car audio systems, Cresco has carried out extensive examination of "function safety." By understanding the "ISO 26262" process and the processes of automobile manufacturers, and defining and testing processes that relieve the burden on development and design worksites, we will offer services where we work together with our clients to examine the activities required to apply "ISO 26262."

[Our Promise]
Services matched to fit our client's style

Outside the scope of development content that we undertake, Cresco meets the preferred client style of doing things by being flexible in how we offer our services: either by "full-time assistance at development sites," "subcontracted development performed at Cresco," "technological assistance and consulting," or "onsite development assistance at overseas worksites." Cresco also possesses a corporate culture that is conscious of the end-users of our client companies, and we constantly keep in mind that we are a B to B to C business.