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IR Policy

Cresco’s investor relations activities are based on the following principles:

  1. IR program aim and basic approach

    Through our IR activities we aim to help shareholders and investors understand our management strategy and actions so that our corporate value can be fairly recognized by the market. As such it is our basic principle to disclose relevant information in a fair, accurate, and timely manner.

  2. Disclosure criteria

    Cresco discloses information according to the fair disclosure regulations of the Securities Exchange Law and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is also our policy to disclose as impartially and as proactively as possible other information that, although not covered by any related rules and regulations, is likely to be of interest to stakeholders.

  3. Means of information disclosure

    Cresco discloses information by filing financial statements (official Japanese title, Yukashouken Hokokusho) and other financial documents with financial regulators, using TDnet, the TSE’s information distribution network, and by holding investor presentations. We keep our shareholders updated about our business performance by distributing half-yearly business and strategic updates (official Japanese title, Jigyou Houkokusho).

  4. Forward-looking statements

    Some information we disclose contains forward-looking statements that are based on assumptions made in light of information that is currently available. Actual results may differ materially from forecasts depending on a number of factors including adverse economic and market conditions.

  5. Information on website

    We view the role of our website as a supplementary means of disclosing information about Cresco. Accordingly, please also refer to legally required disclosure documents. Moreover, information posted on this website may not always be exactly the same as that provided to financial institutions or others parties, and not all disclosed information may appear on this website.

  6. Quiet period

    To avoid releasing information that may affect its stock price, the Company goes into a 'quiet period' three weeks before the announcement of the results for each quarter while it prepares its financial results and ceases all IR-related activities. Please understand that during this period the Company cannot make any comments or answer any questions related to its financial results.

  7. Other information

    While we take every care regarding the information on our website, please be aware that we accept absolutely no responsibility for any losses incurred because of inaccurate information or the downloading of material from our website. This website is not intended to solicit investment in our company: all investment decisions should be based on the individual judgment of the person concerned.