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E (environment) initiatives

Environmental protection activities

The Company supports the "Fun to Share" campaign run by the Ministry of the Environment and has made a declaration to aim for a "low-carbon society by heightening eco-awareness and taking what steps we can take today." The Company works to reduce its environmental impact (through power saving, implementing power conservation measures, promoting paperless processing, recycling, etc.) and promote green purchasing in procurement and selection processes. Also, our employees can freely choose their clothes throughout the year without a dress code.

Installation of an AED

To prepare for emergency situations, we installed an AED (automated external defibrillator) box, which is critical care medical equipment, at the reception on the head office floor in September 2012. It is available for use by anybody in an emergency. Opening the lid of the AED box sets off an alarm buzzer to notify nearby people that an emergency situation has occurred. Employees who have completed critical care training are stationed so that they are ready to offer help immediately in any emergency situation.

"CRESCO One % Club"

As part of our social contribution activities, donating to the Japanese Red Cross Society at the time of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake motivated us to establish the "CRESCO One % Club," which is an organization in which employees participate on a voluntary basis under the theme of "start from small things that we can do." From the funds contributed by employees and the matching funds contributed by CRESCO, donations are made every year to the Japan Guide Dog Association, Japan Service Dog Association, Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS), Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, Kotsuiji Ikueikai, and J.POSH. In the case of a large-scale disaster, separate donations are made to the local governments in the afflicted regions through the Japanese Red Cross Society.
Separately from such donations, CRESCO has sponsored the "Service Dog Festa" every year since 2014, which is held by the Japan Service Dog Association in May each year.

Regional sports promotion

In 2016, CRESCO entered into a club sponsorship agreement with "F.C. Tokyo," a J.League soccer team. The Cresco logo appears on the sleeves of practice jerseys that team members wear before official J.League hosted games.
As part of efforts to provide opportunities for regional sports promotion and for nurturing healthy spirits and dreams of children through sports activities, we invite elementary school students and youth soccer team members residing in Tokyo to home games of "F.C. Tokyo" using a chartered bus. We conducted these activities once in 2016, twice in 2017, and once in 2018 and invited children to such games, wishing to provide opportunities in which they can nurture healthy spirits and dreams through soccer.