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Analyst Coverage

This is a list of analysts at securities companies and research institutions who analyze the financial results of the Company and issue reports that are useful for investment decisions.

[As of Oct 1, 2020]
Listed in alphabetical order of company names, titles omitted

Company name Analyst name
Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. Makoto Ueno
IwaiCosmo Securities Co.,Ltd. Norikazu Shimizu
Toward the Infinite World, Inc. Satoru Takada
  • The list is prepared for the sole purpose of providing investors with the names of analysts who analyze the financial results of the Company, develop forecasts, etc., and issue reports. It is not intended to solicit or recommend the purchase or sale of the Company's stock.
  • This list only includes analysts for which the Company has confirmed that they actually issued reports and has obtained their consent for inclusion herein. Therefore, there may be other analysts who have issued reports which the Company has not confirmed, or analysts who have not given such consent, and thus are not included in the list. Changes in listed details due to personnel changes or other reasons will be reflected on the list once we have confirmed such changes.
  • Analysts of these firms analyze, regularly or irregularly, the financial and operating results, businesses operation and technologies of the Company, as well as the business environment and economic trends, and forecast the Company's performance based on their own judgment, independently from the Company.
  • Neither the Company nor the executive team at the Company is involved in this process in any way, by, for example, providing undisclosed information or deliberately suggesting the direction of forecasts.
  • Please also be advised that management indicators or other information in these reports may not be based on the latest information published by the Company or that there may be inconsistency in information among these reports.
  • We reiterate that the Company does not endorse or guarantee the forecasts, opinions, recommendations, etc., of the analysts. Therefore, when making actual investments, investors are requested to make decisions based on their own judgment and responsibilities.
  • See here for our disclaimers concerning IR.