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CRESCO at a Glance

Point1 - Overview of CRESCO

Independent “system integrator” leading digital transformation

CRESCO is an independent “system integrator” that creates various systems in the world using IT development technology, including advanced technology such as AI (artificial intelligence) and cloud technology, as well as high quality services. Since its founding, CRESCO has been involved in the creation of various systems with core technologies in three areas: application development technology, platform construction technology, and embedded development technology. We are leading the drastically changing digital transformation by making full use of technology in a wide range of IT areas, such as platform-building technology (environment that is the foundation of systems) that is the foundation of systems, application development technology that digitizes businesses and operations, and embedded development technology that controls information appliances and in-vehicle devices. CRESCO plays an active role in various fields, including banks, travel, recruitment, land transportation, air transportation, automobiles, information appliances, medical equipment, etc., supporting corporate activities and everyone’s lives. In recent years, we have created new services and solutions by combining the three core technologies with the latest trending technologies such as “AI technology” and “cloud technology” to meet our customers’ business needs.

share of net sales by segment(FY2019)
[Software development]81.75%[Embedded software development]18.13%[Product sales]0.12%
Segment Business Area
  • Business application development
  • IT infrastructure system architecture
  • Original products and services
  • Financial services
    (Banking, insurance, payment card, securities, etc.)
  • Public service
    (Travel, human resources, airline, railway, electric power, broadcast, medical, etc.)
  • Distribution & other
    (Transport, retail, etc.)
  • Embedded software development
  • Telecom system
    (Mobile devices, etc.)
  • Car electronics
     (Digital meters, center displays, etc.)
  • Information appliances Other
    (Digital home appliances, medical equipment, control systems, etc.)
  • Product sales of a subsidiary “CRESCO Wireless, Inc.”

Cresco Group’s Growth

CRESCO was founded in 1988 through the merger of an IT infrastructure system construction company and a microcomputer system development company. CRESCO is steadily growing, living up to its company name, which means to “grow” in Latin. Especially in recent years, while working to eradicate unprofitable projects and improve profitability, we are actively conducting M&A for growth and we are expanding our business, becoming a customer-focused (BtoB) independent IT solution vendor in various regions of Japan.

  • 2001 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (First Section)
  • 2000 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Second Section)
  • 1997 Listed on the OTC market
  • 1990 Registered as a system integration company
Cresco Group’s Growth

Growth strategy

  • We are proposing services suited to the changes in IT platforms.
  • Technology Laboratory handles advanced technologies with sights fixed firmly on several years in the future.
Growth strategy