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People at CRESCO


Employee breakdown[As of March 31, 2019] … Female:475、Male:1754、Proportion of female employees:21.3%


Employee breakdown[As of March 31, 2019]… Female:268、Male:968、Proportion of female employees:21.7%
Manager breakdown[As of April 1, 2019]… Female:26、Male:286、Proportion of female employees:8.3%
Employee breakdown by age[As of March 31, 2019]
New employee breakdown and resignation rate[As of March 31, 2019]… New graduates Female:23、New graduates Male:47、Mid-career workers Female:2、Mid-career workers Male:31、Proportion of female new graduates:32.9%、Resignation rate:4.89%
Average service years[As of March 31, 2019]… Female:8.6、Male:11.1、Overall:10.6
Taking the childcare leave[As of May 31, 2019]… Female:100.0%、Male:20.5%