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ESG Concept and Initiatives

CRESCO regards E (environment), S (social), and G (governance) as "expectations from the society to a company" that each company should recognize with regard to "socially responsible investment (SRI)" as advocated by the United Nations.
CRESCO also believes that it needs to always keep in mind "what a company can do to the society" in the areas of ESG and continue to act accordingly to achieve sustainable growth as an enterprise and enhance its corporate value.

When it was founded, CRESCO adopted the following corporate mission: "Our corporate mission is to grow so that we can make our greatest possible contribution to people's happiness around the world, make our workers proud and happy to work here, and allow them to demonstrate their abilities to the utmost. The source of corporate activities is the skills of individual employees combined together. As such, employees are asked always to strive to sharpen their technological strengths and actively to take on any challenges they might encounter. In turn, another mission of CRESCO is to realize a utopia in which the goal of each individual coincides with the goal of CRESCO." And under the philosophy that "from the standpoint that all people are equal, CRESCO will work to eliminate any discrimination based on factors other than ability, realize a technology-oriented, lively and vibrant workplace and transparent management, and seek to play an active role beyond the national boundary," we established the founding philosophy "CRESCO Charter," which remains the basis of Cresco's corporate activities.

CRESCO Charter

Systems development, which is Cresco's main business, leads to increases in customers' work efficiency and value added, and eventually contributes to society (S), including through "work style reform," and reduces of environmental impact (E).
On the other hand, embedded software that is used in consumer products, such as automobiles and home appliances, can have a direct impact on environmental protection (E).
We believe that these are Cresco's social mission, value to society, and reason for existence. From this perspective, we would like to introduce our "ESG initiatives as a company."