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G (governance) initiatives

CRESCO recognizes the expectations of all stakeholders as follows: "Realize sustainable growth and increase corporate value over the medium to long term." "Carry out the Company's social mission and responsibilities in the global society." "Realize corporate philosophy, management policy, etc., and continue to be a 'company that is trusted." To realize such "expectations," CRESCO regards corporate governance as an important management issue and is devoting efforts to it.
Our website discloses initiatives described in the Corporate Governance Report by topic such as "Basic Views," "Initiatives Concerning the Corporate Governance Code," "Outline of the System," "Reasons for Adopting the System;" roles of the components of the system such as "Board of Directors," "Internal Control Committee," and "Information Security Committee;" and other topics such as "Implementation Status of the Risk Management System " and "Timely Disclosure System." The Company also discloses the "Policy on the Determination of Executive Compensation" and the "Total Amount of Compensation."