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S (social) initiatives


Since its foundation, CRESCO has always been a company "whose most valuable assets are its people" and "that is always caring for the human mind." Given the highest level of the jobs-to-applicants ratio in the past 40 years, the reality of declining birth rates and aging population that Japan faces, and an increasingly high employee turnover among competent engineers in the IT industry, we regard "securing and developing human resources and creating a friendly and rewarding work environment" as the biggest challenges to be managed in ESG. On the other hand, if we can manage those challenges, it will be one of Cresco's strengths in comparison with industry peers, which would lead to a sustainable difference in growth.

In recent years, we have particularly emphasized the "creation of a friendly and rewarding work environment." CRESCO has clarified the direction to take as a company by upholding three themes: "An enterprise group willing to take on challenges," "Sophisticated technologies and reliable quality," and "Each person shines at CRESCO" in the five-year vision "CRESCO Ambition 2020," which started in April 2016.

Our corporate culture of caring for people has not changed and we are making efforts to create an environment in which our people can lead a rewarding "CRESCO life," whether business or personal, by looking at various arrangements and programs.
Also, based on the recognition that "Our Motivational Spirit - Creating a Bright Future for CRESCO," management has clearly stated that any vision or philosophy should be linked not only to the achievement of corporate goals, but also to the realization of employees' dreams. CRESCO's employees are always aware of "why companies exist," and act accordingly. Once we decide to do something, we join together and do our utmost to achieve it.
CRESCO believes that people who work with enthusiasm by thinking positively in an open and lively atmosphere and their "feelings of excitement" will provide significant energy to the Company.

Disclosing "People at CRESCO"

Recognizing indicators on how employees work as important KPIs (key performance indicators), CRESCO discloses how its employees work in the "People at CRESCO" section of the Company's website.
More specifically, indicators disclosed include employee composition (including the percentage of women, number of persons with disabilities employed, and number of employees with foreign nationality), management composition (including the percentage of women), age composition, average period of service, employee turnover ratio (including the percentage of women among new university graduates), and use of childcare leave, which are disclosed in an easy-to-see, historical graph format.

Promotion of workforce diversity (diversity-based management)

The CRESCO Charter declares that "CRESCO is a people-centered, merit-based company." By eliminating any discrimination based on factors other than one's own status, such as educational background, sex, nationality, etc., CRESCO treats employees equally and fairly based on their personal characteristics and merits. With motivation and aptitude, anybody can be qualified for a managerial position.

  1. Support for balancing work and childcare and promotion of women's empowerment

    CRESCO values the work-life balance concept to enable employees to realize their own preferred balance between work and personal life (childcare, nursing care, self-enlightenment activities, etc.). In relation to "Next-generation CRESCO," whose main theme is challenge for the next stage and growth under the five-year plan for the period from April 2011 to March 2016, as part of efforts to create a "workplace in which women are empowered," CRESCO worked to create a mechanism to help women to actively pursue promotion to a managerial position and a work environment in which women can continue to work after they get married and/or give birth to a child. The "Work-Childcare Balance Support Program," which was designed to exceed the framework of legal requirements, is used by a number of male and female employees.
    For three years in a row from 2010, CRESCO received the "Kurumin" certification under a system run by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare that recognizes companies supporting childcare. In September 2017, CRESCO was awarded the highest level "Eruboshi" certification by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in recognition of the Company's excellent efforts concerning the promotion of women's empowerment.

  2. Hiring people with disabilities

    CRESCO has been hiring people with disabilities on an ongoing basis since 2008 as it thinks that it is necessary to hire more such people as part of a diverse workforce that will lead growth into the future. In 2012 a visually impaired person with a guide dog joined CRESCO as a new university graduate. Further, persons with hearing difficulties and persons with mental disabilities have also joined CRESCO since then. Employees of a department to which such a person is assigned receive explanations from personnel at the Japan Guide Dog Association and the Vocational Skills Development Center about the characteristics of disabilities, points to which attention should be paid, how to follow up, etc., in advance so as to create a working environment that is friendly to people with disabilities. As of March 31, 2017, 18 employees with disabilities work at CRESCO.

  3. Hiring people with foreign nationality

    CRESCO hires people regardless of their nationality.
    As of March 31, 2017, 9 employees with foreign nationality work at CRESCO.

  4. "Openings for new university graduates with special strengths"

    In pursuit of human resources with diverse characteristics for the next-generation, CRESCO has secured job openings for university graduates with special strengths since FY2013 based on the idea that the efforts, challenges, and passions of persons with unique experience and achievements that they believe "are second to none!" are highly valuable to the Company. Applications are accepted in the following categories: "sports," "IT," "special strengths," "qualification in a specialized field," "foreign language," and "foreign nationals with unique thinking/experience."

Unique human resource development to develop IT professionals

CRESCO believes that "personal nature," "people skills," "work skills," and "technological skills" are the four requirements for employees to demonstrate their ability in performing their duties. Based on the recognition that CRESCO's most valuable assets are people, we actively promote human resource development to improve "people skills," "work skills," and "technological skills" of employees, develop educational programs focusing on OJT, and otherwise work to improve the environment.
CRESCO provides new university graduates scheduled to join the Company with an educational menu to learn basic computer and information processing skills and knowledge before they join the Company to help them to pass the National Examination for Information Processing Technicians, which is given immediately after they join the Company.
Educational programs available to employees include "technical skills education" to learn skills required for each job type: "fundamental business education" to acquire skills to cope with various business situations, "level-specific training" for employees at each level, "coaching/mentoring" to learn from role models, and "employee competency improvement support" to realize the motivation to "become what I want to be." CRESCO also provides financial support to cover exam fees, grants a reward for the successful acquisition of qualifications, and subsidizes personal training expenses as part of support for the acquisition of qualifications.

"Employee health and welfare" focusing on the themes of life, health, and joy


Programs falling under this category include employee's mutual aid association, support program for new university graduates to take their post, preferential interest rate for home ownership, employee stock ownership plan, asset-building savings plan, and defined contribution plan.


Programs falling under this category include participation in various social insurances, financial support to cover the cost for regular/thorough medical check-up, and health/mental health consultation services and "stress check" services provided by external organizations contracted by CRESCO as part of employee health management support.


Recreation facilities, sports facilities, and fitness rooms of the health insurance society in which CRESCO participates are available for use by employees. In addition, there are many clubs activities within the Company and internal recreation events such as golf competitions are held. Furthermore, separately from annual paid leave, single persons are entitled to "memorial leave" on their birthday and married persons are entitled to such leave on their wedding anniversary.