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Basic Views on Corporate Governance

[As of July 13, 2020]

The Company recognizes the expectations of all stakeholders as follows:

  1. Realize sustainable growth and increase corporate value over the medium to long term.
  2. Carry out the Company’s social mission and responsibilities in the global society.
  3. Materialize corporate philosophy, management policy, etc., and continue to be a company that is trusted.

With the aim of fulfilling these expectations, the Company places corporate governance as an important management objective and works to maintain accurate and speedy decision-making and business execution systems centered on the Board of Directors while developing and securing an appropriate supervision and monitoring system. In addition, the Company establishes a corporate governance system based on diverse and long-term perspectives and sets out its basic policies on corporate governance, which are, maximize corporate value for all stakeholders, enhance efficiency and transparency of management and competently carry out its fiduciary responsibility and accountability toward all shareholders.
Furthermore, in order to step up the effectiveness of corporate governance, the Company thoroughly takes steps to exercise adequate risk management, maintain an internal control system and ensure compliance from the perspective of securing management soundness and fairness and continuously strives to earn greater trust and strengthen the self-cleansing power of the Company. At the same time, we will make clear our policy on and status of initiatives taken toward implementing each principle of the Japan’s Corporate Governance Code to facilitate sufficient dialogue with stakeholders.