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Information Management and Enlightenment

[As of July 13, 2020]

Information management

In regard to the management of information assets of the CRESCO Group, the Company sets forth Basic Regulations for Security, Confidentiality Regulations, Regulations for Insider Trading Prevention, Regulations for Protection of Personal Information and other rules and guidelines that serve as key standards for information management in accordance with the CRESCO Security Policy and the Risk Management Regulations and ensures proper information management at the management line level. At the same time, the Company adopts IT controls for especially important business processes for internal control.

Enlightenment and guidance

The Company views that, in order to heighten the effectiveness of corporate governance, all of us starting with the top management to all officers and employees of the CRESCO Group must be aware of the importance of heightening the effectiveness. With this recognition, the department in charge of legal affairs takes the lead in establishing the corporate governance system, which includes the group companies, and implementing activities to raise awareness. A monthly self-assessment process using the Compliance Check Sheet is required of all employees in an effort to make relevant rules widely known and enforced. In addition, from the perspective of risk management, the Board of Directors, line organization units, the Internal Audit Office and the department in charge of legal affairs perform monitoring in an effort to prevent accidents from occurring and recurring.

Basic Compliance Policy

  • The mission of CRESCO and its group companies is to increase customer satisfaction through engaging in the software development business and providing various services relating to the business and to contribute to the development of society. Accordingly, the CRESCO Group as a whole promotes management that focuses on compliance with corporate ethics, laws and regulations and other rules.
  • Code of Conduct to ensure this policy is established and the group as a whole performs activities in compliance with the Code of Conduct.
  • The Company works to implement compliance management and operate the internal control system appropriately by making the basic compliance policy and code of conduct well known, providing guidance on supervision and resolving issues.