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IR Activities

[As of July 13, 2020]

Based on the "IR policy", the Corporate Supervisory Unit takes the lead in controlling operations relating to IR. The Company compiles materials, coordinates information exchange among relevant departments, takes care of external activities such as responding to phone interviews, attending meetings (including individual visits and interviews), delivers information (timely disclosure, news releases, etc.), creates and manages the IR site and preparing various IR tools.

  • Delivery of IR information (timely disclosure, news release, etc.)
  • Creation and management of the IR site
  • Planning IR tools
  • IR Events
  • Responding to various interviews
  • Meeting with institutional investors
  • Responding to inquiries from shareholders

The Corporate Supervisory Unit is not only responsible for IR but also takes on the function of a public relations department and responds to the media such as newspapers and magazines. In addition, depending on the contents of questions received, the Public Relations & IR Office coordinates with relevant departments and subsidiaries in performing marketing activities.

Promoting Constructive Dialogue

The Company designates its President and Executive Officer and Director and Managing Executive Officer, and General Manager of Accounting & Finance Unit as the persons in charge. The Corporate Supervisory Unit assists the efforts for promoting dialogue by making arrangements, preparing materials, etc. The Company has a system in place where the Corporate Supervisory Unit coordinates on a day-to-day basis with other departments and group companies and also coordinates with the department in charge of legal affairs which serves as the secretariat for the Board of Directors and the Audit and Supervisory Committee as well as for the Internal Control Committee and other committees in an effort to widely come in contact with management information across the organization and collect and compile the information necessary for promoting dialogue. In regard to the contents of dialogues, the President and Executive Officer or the responsible staff in charge of the Public Relations & IR provides feedback to the Board of Directors, etc., as necessary to promote sharing of information.
The Company keeps in mind to design and compile presentation materials, business reports (CRESCO Report), etc., so that they are easy to read and understand and are shareholder- and investor-oriented. We also provide a profile of the Company using a video presentation. The Company’s English-language website concisely summarizes the contents of the Japanese-language site. As for timely disclosure information, we prepare a summary or a full-text document translated into English for disclosure on the website.


In order to provide all shareholders and investors with fair and accurate information, the Company discloses information and other important information in a timely manner in accordance with the timely disclosure rules set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, the Company actively discloses information on the CRESCO Group when judging that such disclosure is meaningful.

Financial Results Meeting for Analysts and Institutional Investors

Starting from FY2015, the Company holds a briefing session by the President and Operating Officer four times (quarterly) a year as a general rule for domestic analysts and institutional investors. Supporting materials, etc., distributed at the session are also made available on the Company's website.
The Company works to provide overseas investors with fair disclosure and responses, comparable to those for domestic investors, through participation in briefings (conferences) organized by securities companies and via methods such as quarterly individual interviews and phone conferences, etc.

Press conference on financial results

The Company also holds a press conference on financial results (presented by President and Operating Officer) at the Kabuto Club after the quarterly financial results announcement.

Investor presentations for institutional investors

Starting from FY 2016, the Company holds briefings by the responsible staff in charge of the Public Relations & IR (sometimes attended by the President and Executive Officer) four (4) to six (6) times a year as a general rule. Supporting materials, etc., distributed at the session are also made available on the Company’s website.

Posting of IR Materials

The Company works to provide timely information disclosure. Published information includes news releases, summaries of financial results, reference materials for financial results meetings, business reports (CRESCO Report) and (quarterly) securities reports. The Company provides some of the materials in English.

General Shareholders’ Meeting

(1) Early Notification of General Meeting of Shareholders

The Company works to deliver notice of the general meeting of shareholders early, while giving consideration to offering appropriate auditing time by external accounting auditors and to other factors so that shareholders have adequate time to review the proposals.
The notice of the general meeting of shareholders is posted on the website of the Company and of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

(2) Scheduling AGMs Avoiding the Peak Day

The Company recognizes that a general meeting of shareholders offers the opportunity to pursue constructive dialogue with shareholders. Realizing the need to consider having as many shareholders as possible attend the meeting, the Company sets its annual general meeting of shareholders to avoid the peak day.

(3) Allowing Electronic or Magnetic Exercise of Voting Rights

Exercising of voting rights via the Internet is available.

(4) Participation in Electronic Voting Platform and Other Efforts to Enhance the Voting Environment for Institutional Investors

The Company participates in Electronic Voting Platform for Institutional Investors operated by ICJ, Inc.

(5) Providing Convocation Notice in English (Translated Fully or Partially)

A summary of the convocation notice is prepared in English and disclosed on the Company's website.

(6) Other

In order to promote understanding of the proposals and objectives of the general meeting of shareholders, the Company keeps in mind to provide easy-to-understand explanations on the convocation notice and works to accurately provide information that may contribute to having shareholders make appropriate judgment.

  • Publication of materials that summarize and explain the basic policy and priority measures
  • Publication of convocation notice on the Company's website
  • Publication of results of voting rights exercise on the Company's website
  • Publication of materials used in the general meeting of shareholders, etc.