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Disclaimer Concerning IR

Although Cresco takes considerable care with respect to the content posted on this website, it does not bear any responsibility with regard to problems caused by information errors that are posted, alteration of data by third parties, or data downloads, etc.

The information posted on this website has been provided as reference material to assist in investment decisions, and its purpose is not to solicit investment. Cresco requests that users use their own judgment when making decisions on investment.

Information relating to future predictions and forecasted values such as financial forecasts on this website have been written based on judgments and assumptions on information presently available that is considered reasonable.

Because of changes in risks and uncertain elements and changes in the economic situation that will occur in the future, this information could change in unexpected ways. It is therefore possible that the actual financial and other results could differ significantly, and the content of this material could change. Please consider this when making investment decisions.