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Medium-Term Management Plan

[As of May 10, 2021]

CRESCO Group Medium-Term Management Plan 2023 (FY2021 to FY2023)

As society and companies embrace a more digital world and with the full-fledged arrival of digital transformation (DX), it has become necessary to introduce structural reforms and innovation throughout the information service industry. Aiming for sustained growth and enhancement of its corporate value amid this rapidly changing business environment, in FY2021, the CRESCO Group started the long-term vision “CRESCO Group Ambition 2030” for the next ten years. In addition, as the first step toward the realization of this vision, we formulated the “Medium-Term Management Plan 2023.”
While contributing to society through IT services, which are a core business, and digital solutions that provide new value, by proactively working to create value, the CRESCO Group is striving to become a leading company in the industry, both in name and reality.

Creating and transcending the future humanity envision

Overview of the Medium-Term Management Plan 2023

To take on the challenge of becoming a “business with consolidated net sales of ?100.0 billion” through the realization of “our vision, an ‘exciting future ’” in “CRESCO Group Ambition 2030” by the end of FY2030, we established three steps: Medium-Term Management Plan 2023 (FY2021 to FY2023 ), Medium-Term Management Plan 2026 (FY2024 to FY2026 ) and Medium-Term Management Plan 2030 (FY2027 to FY2030 ). For the Medium-Term Management Plan 2023, which is the first step, we formulated the following key strategies, basic strategies, and management targets.

■ Three Key Strategies for Creating New Business Pillars

  • Enhancement of digital solutions
     Doubling of sales for digital solutions
     Expansion of new digital solutions
  • Advancement of flexible management
     Acquisition of “ DX Stocks” certification
     Business expansion by enhancing group-wide coordination
  • Further development of people-centered management
     Become one of the top “Certified Health && Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations”
     Enhancement of human resource development for the next generation

■ Three Basic Strategies for Making the Core Business Fields Even Stronger

  • Expansion of IT services
     Business expansion based on measures established separately for the enterprise, financial and manufacturing segments
  • Enhancement of quality
     Continuous improvement and implementation of management processes suited to new technologies and changing needs
  • Enhancement of technologies
     Business expansion through new technologies and key technologies (AI, cloud and agile)

■ Management Targets

  • The Group’s targets are consolidated net sales of 500 billion, consolidated operating profit of 50 billion and ROE of 15% or higher.
Management Targets